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thank you for this. you allude to it in the article, but the music he made in the last 5/6 years, and his presence on twitter are truly the bow that ties up the disparate strands of Croz' musical and physical life. "Croz" is a wonderful album, and "Here if You Listen" stands with anything we ever did with the Byrds/CSN/Y or solo.

He said at one point on Twitter that none of the people he made music with previously would speak to him now, and McGuinn replied, also on Twitter, "it's not true!" but they somehow never seemed to bridge the gap.

Nash in particular seems to have held an (undefined) grudge, and in some of his comments after Croz' passing ("we've been expecting him to die for 20 years") comes off as a first class seven letter noun beginning with "a". his loss, imo.

thanks again for the great article.

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Always loved the song Triad, especially the Jefferson Airplane cover on Crown of Creation.

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Great insights as always Robert. I was a Byrds fan until "Sweetheart of the Rodeo". That 12 string guitar was a big part of what grabbed my ears.

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